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These Common Air Leaks Are All Over Your Home

What have you done this year to make your home more energy efficient? 

Most homeowners have purchased new and improved light bulbs to save money. They look for Energy Star rated appliances when it’s time to invest in new technology. But few homeowners understand the importance of sealing air leaks. Yet it’s something that can have a major impact on both comfort levels and energy consumption. These Common Air Leaks Are All Over Your Home

Where do common air leaks lurk inside your home?

Your doors and windows

These are two of the biggest areas where leaks exist. Have you ever sat by a window and felt cool air in the winter? Or noticed a draft when you walk by a door, even when it’s closed? You can do a quick test to find air leaks around your doors and window. Make sure all windows and doors are shut, then close all vents and dampers. Using an incense stick or candle, run it by all seals and identify where air is rushing in. You can also check for cracks or holes, or identify where doors or windows no longer lock the way they once did, or sit slightly off-kilter at their hinges. 


Your duct work carries conditioned air throughout your home. While it may come out of the registers and into your rooms, your ducts feed throughout your house, behind walls and through attics and basements, depending on how your home was built. It’s in these spaces that duct work can develop leaks, holes, and other damage, and leak conditioned air where it shouldn’t be. 


Your attic is one of the biggest culprits for air leak potential. It might not be properly insulated. And depending on how old your home is, it could have a lot of repairs or remodeling that impacted the efficiency. Have you added ceiling fans? Or recessed lighting? Or added new fixtures that required rewiring to be fed into the attic? If these areas weren’t properly sealed, they could be allowing air to leak where it shouldn’t be. By fixing these leaks, you can have a more temperate home and lower utility bills in the process. 

Is your home as energy efficient as it could be? 

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