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Why It May Be Time For A Pipeline Inspection

Why It May Be Time For A Pipeline Inspection for Your Atlanta Home

While your plumbing system is an intricate web of pipes that feed through your home, it’s actually a pretty straightforward process. A water main comes into your home supplying fresh water where you need it, and a sewer line pumps used water back out. The sewer line that runs from your house to the municipal system in the street is buried in your yard, out of sight. That means it’s difficult to access or to observe as things change over the years.

And things definitely change when a pipe carrying water lies deep under ground. Tree and landscaping mold and form around it. The pipe slowly begins to disintegrate. And eventually, tiny leaks spring up.

Pipeline inspection services can properly diagnose problems within the sewer line. Our plumbers use miniaturized digital cameras mounted on long fiber-optic cables that can snake through a line and give a close-up view of what’s happening inside the pipe. The camera sends back images that allow us to locate where problem areas are, where leaks are occurring, know when a sewer line needs cleaning, or any other problem that may exist deep underground.

What’s more, as knowledgeable plumbers that deal with this problem all the time, we also know how to fix it.

But how do you know when it’s time to call in a plumber for a pipeline inspection? The sewer line is underground; you don’t want to have an inspection on a regular basis, for no reason at all. Are there warning signs?

It turns out, there are.

Do you know the general location of where the pipeline is buried in your yard? If so, it’s a good idea to watch that area for any telltale signs. You can check to see if the ground is consistently wet, even when you haven’t watered in a while. You can notice unusual smells. You can also watch for greener, lusher landscaping from all that extra nutrients it’s receiving.

Inside the home you might notice:

Drains that clog again and again. A single drain might not be a disaster, as that may be telling you there’s a deeper problem within the line. But if you notice multiple drains clogging on a regular basis, it points toward an issue in the sewer line.

Gurgling drains often mean sewer gas is rising the wrong direction in the pipe. When water goes down, it mixes with the gas, and a bubbling sound occurs as it moves through the drain p-trap.

Sewer smells may also be noticeable from your drains. If you haven’t used a drain in a while, it may simply be a p-trap that has dried and is emitting odor. But if you notice the odor continues after water has run into the system, it most likely is a more serious issue.

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