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Tips For Preventing Biological Growth In The Bathroom

Bathrooms: we can’t live without them. Yet most of us carry an “ew” feeling when dealing with even the smallest of problems.

A study published in an American Society for Microbiology report suggests that over 70,000 bacteria and viruses were found in sampled public restrooms, containing everything from fecal bacteria to streptococcus, hepatitis, salmonella, influenza, and more.

Of course, home bathrooms aren’t as bad. Still, we rarely think about all that is there when we slip on a pair of gloves and start scrubbing away. Instead, we know from personal experience that when it comes to biological growth in home bathrooms, some of the biggest problems will come from mold.

Tips For Preventing Biological Growth In The BathroomThink about your bathroom for a moment. No other room in your home uses as much water, or survives in similar moist conditions. You shower, and the humidity levels grow sky high. If the toilet leaks even a little bit, small pools of water can sit for days, weeks, or even months virtually unnoticed. If the tub or shower aren’t properly sealed, tiny water droplets can seep in and sit, festering, creating hazardous conditions that ultimately can impact your health.

Biological growth can impact a body in many ways. It might start out as a persistent cold. You may assume your allergies have kicked into high gear. Maybe you have a fungal infection. Or perhaps that respiratory problem lingers, it just won’t go away.

Finding and treating biological growth is an important part of the home maintenance process. But what’s even better is preventing it in the first place.

Install and use a fan every time you shower or bathe. Make sure it’s in good working condition, and exhausts properly to the outside. If you have a window, you can open it to help regulate the moisture levels on the inside. Make sure you keep the fan running for 30 minutes after bathroom use to help dry out the space.

Use a squeegee on shower walls after every use. Part of what allows moisture to linger is leaving water everywhere after each shower. By removing excess water off the walls, you’ll minimize water accumulation in the most crucial parts of the bathroom.

Minimize stuff. The less you keep sitting around in the tub or shower, the less opportunity for biological growth to form and grow.

Biological growth isn’t going anywhere; it’s a fact of life. But with a few precautions, there are easy ways to keep it at bay, making your bathroom a healthier room in your home.

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