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Want Better Productivity In The Office? Try LED Lights

Companies are always looking for new ways to increase productivity. Give more benefits. Do a better job of onboarding. Or maybe it’s more simple than that. 

A study by the American Society of Interior Designer found that 68 percent of employees have complained at some point about the way their office space is lighted. Of course, that could mean different things to different people. Lighting might either be too dim or too harsh, depending on the task at hand. Want Better Productivity In The Office? Try LED Lights

Dim lights can cause eye strain and headaches as a person works harder to try and see. Harsh lighting can also cause eye strain, and it can lead to migraine headaches. It also makes focusing on your work more difficult. 

The alternative is natural light. Natural lighting has a calming effect on the body. It impacts your mood, your behavior, even your hormonal balance. Ever played outside all day and felt happier? That’s natural light at work. 

But in most offices, natural light isn’t available for everyone. Even people with the corner office might not have the best access to natural light to get the job done. 

Why is light so important?

We need light to see. Light is necessary for proper vision, and vision is responsible for taking in up to 85 percent of the world around us. Any time you play with that rhythm, productivity will suffer. 

If you’ve ignored the lighting in your building, or just accepted what was originally installed during construction as the light you exist with, chances are productivity around your office is suffering. 

But it’s not just any light that will do. The effects of lighting a building with both fluorescent and LED have been studied, and LED wins. 

LED lighting is more colorful, comfortable, warm, and inviting. Because you have a lot more control with LED, you can brighten up the office, or warm it and tone it down. It can create a perfect place for privacy, or create a place where sharing and collaborating is key. 

With most traditional lighting sources, including fluorescent, it’s an on or off situation. LED gives you the ability to control every aspect.

Is your commercial space still living with more traditional lighting sources? Are you fielding complaints every day about the quality of light? Maybe now is the time to do something about it. LED might just be the answer. 

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