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What An Air Conditioner Really Does To Your Electric Bill

Are you dreading the summer not because of the weather, but because of how high your electric bill rises? You’re not alone.

And given the fact that lately we’re turning on the air conditioner a few weeks earlier in the spring, and leaving it on longer in the fall, it can be a big hit to the family budget. Is there a way to stay cool, yet use less energy too?

Let’s talk about window air conditioners

What An Air Conditioner Really Does To Your Electric BillIf you don’t have an adequate centralized air conditioning system, many homeowners resort to using a window air conditioner. These window units are one of the most powerful, energy consuming appliances you can bring into your home.

While a small unit may be able to function by plugging into a standard outlet, large units have higher amperage ratings, meaning it will need a dedicated power outlet in order to operate. If you don’t have that in place, you’ll have to call in an electrician to set one up.

Also, window units only cool the space they are in. The larger your house, the more window units you’ll need. And in most cases, that doesn’t make sense.

But what if you don’t have central air conditioning? 

One of the reasons people buy window air conditioning units is because their homes aren’t set up for central air. In that case, a ductless air conditioning system might be a better option.

A ductless air conditioner – or a mini-split system – is more expensive initially than a window unit, but it’s much more powerful. It can cool a much larger space than a window unit, and because it’s more energy efficient, it will save you money each month on your energy bills. That savings can quickly add up.

Mini-split systems are also quieter than what you’ve experienced with window units. While the thermostat and air vents are inside your home, keeping you cool, the cooling fans sit outside on the exterior of your home. That produces a quieter living environment.

Are you looking for ways to save on your electric bills each month? Let’s talk about your air conditioner. With just a few changes, we can help reduce your monthly costs, and keep you more comfortable all summer long.

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