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What If My Toilet Is Overflowing?

Everything in your home acts up from time to time. A fuse blows, and your light won’t turn on. The washing machine quits draining.

But nothing causes anxiety the way a toilet does when it’s overflowing. It’s a mess nobody likes to deal with.

When the toilet is overflowing, you go into instant cleanup mode. Clean it What If My Toilet Is Overflowing?quickly, and you recover. An overflowing has the potential for leaking a great deal of water, which can also cause extensive damage. The difference is in how fast you act.

Do you know what to do when your toilet is overflowing? Does everyone in your family?

Your first step is to find the water valve.

Most appliances connected to water have its own water valve. You can find it near the base of the toilet, or on the base itself. Once you’ve found this valve, turn it to the right. This will shut off the water supply to the toilet.

This is your quickest way to avoid more water spilling out onto the floor.

Unfortunately, not every toilet has a water valve. If your toilet doesn’t, there’s another solution for you. Instead of looking for the water valve in an emergency, you’ll have to get a bit more creative when stopping the water flow.

Lift the top off the water tank. Inside you’ll find a piece of equipment that looks like a rubber ball on the end of a lever. This lever, called the ball-cock, helps regulate the water level. Lift the ball-cock, and it will shut off the water flow.

Of course, when you drop the ball-cock, it will continue to leak water. So you’ll have to secure it up and out of place until a more permanent solution can be rendered. But it should give you time to think and make a phone call to get an emergency plumber to fix the situation.

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