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What To Know Before You Have Your Ducts Cleaned

I received a coupon in the mail the other day from a local carpet cleaner. They advertised a special: get your carpets cleaned and as an add-on bonus, you can have your ducts cleaned for just a few dollars more. 

Have you received something similar? Don’t fall for it. 

A carpet cleaner isn’t equipped to thoroughly clean your ducts. Instead, they’ll pull off your registers, clean what’s visible to the naked eye, possibly stick their hose into the ducts as far as they’ll reach, and call it a day. What To Know Before You Have Your Ducts Cleaned

That’s not cleaning your ducts. It can give you a false sense of security. 

Ducts aren’t something that need to be cleaned every year. But like any home item, it is essential to clean them once in a while. If you move into new construction, it’s important to clean out things like sawdust, scraps, and other debris from while the home was built. Cleaning them after a major remodeling project should also be on your list of to-dos. After that, a cleaning every few years can help maintain the health of your duct work and contribute to a healthier living space. 

The reason to have your ducts cleaned by a reputable duct cleaning company is they will have the right tools. They won’t surface clean; they’ll clean throughout your ductwork and make sure the entire system is up to par. 

Don’t just hire a company based on a coupon; make sure they are certified HVAC technicians too. This is the only way they can touch your HVAC system. And since your duct work is a part of your HVAC system – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – it’s the only way you’ll ensure the entire system is in proper working order. 

Good companies pay attention to the entire system, not just the parts you can see from your living space. They ensure every part of your system is working as it should. 

When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned? 

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