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Why Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Unsafe?

When you live in a home, you’ll experience clogged drains from time to time. And for many, the natural reaction is to head to your big box store and buy chemical drain cleaners. While this is a popular DIY method, it’s not your best choice. 

There are many reasons why chemical drain cleaners aren’t safe for your home’s environment. Why Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Unsafe?

They aren’t environmentally friendly

This is an easy one to figure out. Read the back label; you’ll probably have a difficult time reading through all the chemicals in the bottle. And once you dump them into your drain, they end up in the water supply. Eventually, they drain into ponds, rivers, and streams. Even residue from the bottles you toss into the landfill can take its toll. And these bottles are considered toxic; you’ll never recycle them. 

They are toxic for you

If the chemicals are toxic for the environment, that also means they are toxic for you. Their corrosive substances contain chemicals that can quickly escalate into high toxicity levels. Inhaling the fumes can be dangerous. Ingesting it can be deadly. Using these products puts you and your family – including your pets – in jeopardy. 

They damage your pipes

Most drain cleaners contain hydrochloric acid as its main ingredient. And while it might seem useful for eating away at a clog, it doesn’t know to stop with the clog. It continues to eat through the walls on your pipes too. The more you dump these chemicals into your system, the greater risk to your plumbing system.

They don’t work

Clogs don’t always hover at the surface. Sometimes they are deep within the system. Dumping chemicals in might not reach the problem. Or the problem might not be a clog at all. What if instead it’s a more serious issue, such as a broken pipe in the sewer line? 

Your best bet is to use a plunger. Have the right plunger for the job – you’ll use a different style for sinks as you would for your toilets. And if you can’t solve the problem right away, it’s a job best left to the professionals. 

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