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Why Attic Insulation Helps During The Winter

There’s a lot of talk about increasing your home’s energy envelope in the news these days. And without a doubt, insulation is one of the best ways to keep conditioned air where it’s supposed to be. 

To understand a little more about how insulation works, think for a moment about what your Atlanta home goes through each year. In the summer months, the sun can be blazing hot. Temperatures creep up into triple digits, and the humidity begins to rise. Why Attic Insulation Helps During The Winter

The first place of impact on your home is your roof. The sun beats down on the shingles, taking in all that the surrounding area can dish out. 

While your roof provides a protective barrier, it also absorbs heat. And as this heat builds, some of it shifts inside, past the underlayment and down through the wood decking. 

Once this air enters your attic, it’s the job of your insulation to fully absorb this heat and prevent it from further moving into your home. If there’s no insulation, it transfers directly into your home. If there aren’t proper levels of insulation, the job is compromised. 

Like everything inside your home, insulation will only last so long. Old or deteriorating insulation needs to be replaced to provide your home with optimal protection. 

Another downside involves your HVAC system. If a home is not properly insulated, your conditioned air seeps into the attic. Because the HVAC system detects your house is still not the proper temperature, it continues to cycle over and over again trying to reach the desired conditions. The result is unnecessary stress on your HVAC system, which can lead to more repairs, and cause the system to have to be replaced sooner than necessary. 

Two of the most popular ways to insulate your home is through blown-in insulation. Both fiberglass and cellulose offer the necessary support needed to create a tight energy envelope, and keep conditioned air where it’s supposed to be. 

For more information about properly insulating your attic, or to schedule an energy inspection to determine how energy efficient your home is, give us a call today. 

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