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Why Blown-In Insulation Is Better For Efficiency

When most homes were built, they were built for speed and ease. There’s a reason track housing became so popular; it allowed builders the opportunity to get the lowest price for materials, and repeat the installation process in production style. Install, rinse, repeat. 

For most production builders, batt insulation is a perfect choice. It’s easy to truck in and store until the crew is ready for use. Then it’s a matter of putting it into place, without the need for bulky equipment. Why Blown-In Insulation Is Better For Efficiency

Batt insulation can be efficient … when installed properly. The problem is it’s just as easy to install it incorrectly, especially when speed is a factor. To meet the proper efficiency, they must be cut and adapted to the correct dimensions. Don’t think building inspectors catch this; they simply don’t have the time. 

That’s why many homeowners are turning to blown-in insulation in order to increase efficiency. 

In the building industry, the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index is used as the industry standard to measure a home’s energy efficiency. A low HERS score means your home is more efficient. This helps you in a variety of ways. 

A low HERS score means your home is operating better – it maintains the temperature you command. Your home’s envelope keeps conditioned air where it’s supposed to be, and provides you with lower energy bills in the process. 

It can also give your home a higher resale value, a big benefit when you’re ready to sell. 

With blown-in insulation, a skilled installer can work to fill in where batt insulation missed. It fills in the voids. It fills in around obstructions. It seals in the spaces around electrical boxes. It seals in voids where pipes, wires, and other transition spaces exist throughout your home. 

How efficient is the insulation within your home? 

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