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Why Should You Get a Water Filtration System?

Water_drop_001-300x199When the temperatures rise there is one important thing every human being needs to do in order to live; drink water. It’s common knowledge by now that you’re supposed to get in your eight glasses a day to prevent dehydrating your body. What most people don’t think about is the quality of that water.

Now that summer is starting we are going to be drinking more water than normal, so it’s important to understand what else is in your water besides that precious H2O and what installing a water filtration system can do for you. We’ve gathered some information about the water filtration systems that will positively impact your health and wallet!

  • Save Money: If you don’t have a filtration system in your home and instead opt for bottled water, the costs of that can add up quickly. The filtration system will quickly pay for itself when you use that over pricey bottled water.
  • Better Taste: Once all of the chemicals and toxins are removed from water, it has a much different (and better) taste than unfiltered water. You will also taste the difference in smoother cup of coffee or a sweeter tea you brew with your filtered water.
  • Reduce Cancer Risk: A Cornell University study has shown that drinking filtered water greatly reduces your risk of developing cancer later in life, particularly bladder, rectal, and colon cancers.
  • Promotes Healthy Development: According to the EPA the lead found in unfiltered drinking water contributes to 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children every year. This makes it important that children and expectant mothers drink clean, filtered water.
  • Prevents Toxins from Entering the Body: Reports have shown that there are over 2,100 toxins in water systems in the United States. The only thing preventing you from ingesting those toxins is a water filter.
  • Lowered Rate of Gastrointestinal Disease: Many studies, including one at Princeton University, have shown that those who used water filtration systems have a 33% lower rate of gastrointestinal diseases than those who didn’t. The studies noted that the bacteria that causes these diseases like e. coli, cryptosporidium and giardia were present in unfiltered tap water.
  • Better for the Environment: In addition to paying way more than you should for bottled water, you are also doing significant damage to the environment, even if you recycle all your bottles. Just to produce and ship the water creates a large amount of pollution, not to mention the fact that it actually takes three times the amount of water in a bottle to produce it that it does to fill it.

If you’re interested in water filtration, call R.S. Andrews today to ask about your options – water filters are available to cover everything from single point of use all the way up to whole-house water supply filtration!

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