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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Think About Outdoor Lighting

What’s the best time of year to install new outdoor lighting? While many would tell you in the warmest months of the year, when you’re most likely to be outside and enjoying your outdoor living space, we disagree. We think winter is one of the best times for lighting projects; why not add a little light to the darkest days of the year. Why Winter Is The Best Time To Think About Outdoor Lighting

After the holiday lights come down, the cold, dark, damp days hang around for weeks before the sunshine starts allowing us to stay outside longer at night. Is your house fully illuminated to add curb appeal? Is it safe for all of your guests as they arrive and enjoy your company? 

If not, why not invest in outdoor lighting now, before the warmest months of the year arrive. Install outdoor lighting in winter because:

It’s dark. What better time to install lights and see them in action than when it’s dark outside longer. If you’ve ever arrived home late from work to a dark home, it’s not only a safety factor, but it can be downright scary too. If you install your outdoor lights in the winter, you’ll get instant use out of them from the moment they’re installed. 

It’s easier to work with your landscaping. Your plants are dormant. Your landscaping hasn’t popped into life. That makes now the perfect time to lay out your new outdoor lighting patterns before your plants spring into life. If you install lights in the spring, you risk disturbing new plants and impacting their growing schedule. But by doing it now, you’ll ensure everything is in place before new growth begins. 

It’s the perfect home improvement project now. Some projects are seasonal – you can’t pour cement patios in the dead of winter. Snow and cold dictate what can be done when. But with lighting, you can install it year round. And if you choose to install it before the rush of spring and summer to-do lists are created, you can take your time to ensure you do it the right way without having to fight for time in a contractor’s schedule. 

It’s the best time to ensure 100 percent of your time goes to the season you love best. If you’re an outdoors person who loves your outdoor space as much as your indoor, why not enjoy it fully every single day? By having your outdoor lighting installed now, you can avoid the disturbance that comes from renovating your living space during the time you most want to enjoy it. 

Want new outdoor lighting options for your home this spring? Why not install them now? If you’re ready to change the appearance of your home, making it safer and more secure, our electricians are ready to help you create the right curb appeal for your home. 

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