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Bottled Water or Reverse Osmosis?

If you head to your favorite big box store, you’ll find an entire aisle of bottled water. It’s become a big part of our lives. We grab them anytime we’re on the go. They’re easy to carry and easy to share, whether we’re at a ball game with the kids, or a networking function for the office. 

Bottled Water or Reverse Osmosis?But is bottled water healthy? Does it offer you any benefits or tap water? 

Bottled water sales around the globe peaked at over $18 billion last year. It’s big business. 

But studies show it isn’t always better for consumption.

An estimated 25 percent or more of bottled water is nothing more than tap water in disguise. And because bottled water companies are filling up plastic bottles with tap water, they might be even more dangerous than just tap water. Further studies have shown that by bottling water, it can continue adding more harmful chemicals to the water, including polyethylene terephthalate, or PET.

Just because bottled water might not be the way to go, doesn’t make tap water any better for your health. At times, tap water can be clean and safe to drink. At times, it can be poisoning your family. Type in your zip code at EWG’s Tap Water Database to find out what’s in your water supply. 

What are you to do? Reverse osmosis might be the answer. 

A reverse osmosis system can be added to one room in your home, or can be installed as a whole house system. Its purpose is to further reduce chemicals and contaminants that come from your tap water supply. 

A reverse osmosis system pushes the water supply through a series of filters, each designed to remove certain particles. The more particles removed, the cleaner the water is when it enters your glass or bottle and is ready to drink. 

Are you concerned with the water you drink? Looking for a solution that doesn’t send millions of pounds of plastic back into the system every year? Have a reverse osmosis system installed in your home today. 

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