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Buying a House? Why You Need a Sewer Inspection

If you’re buying a house, there’s a process you move through as you find the perfect place.

The house has to have curb appeal. When you get inside, you have to “feel” like you belong. And once you put in an offer, then the challenging part begins.

Filling out paperwork. Getting an inspection. All you want to do is move in and start putting your personal touch on the place. Don’t you wish it all could go faster?

Take a minute and slow it down. After you move in, that maybe when the fun begins. It can also be when disaster strikes if you didn’t do your homework before you signed on the dotted line.Buying a House? Why You Need a Sewer Inspection

What most inspectors miss

As a mortgage company prepares the necessary documents for the home closing, you, as the buyer, will have to use an inspector to ensure the house is in good shape. The mortgage company doesn’t want to provide a loan on a place with problems, so they send an inspector out to evaluate the home.

Inspectors have a lot to look at during the few hours they’re inside your potential new home. And in most cases, out of sight is out of mind. They rarely have the tools necessary to dig deep into the various systems in your home. Other than turning on water faucets and ensuring the water heater works, they won’t know if there’s a problem further down the line.

Why invest in a sewer inspection

The biggest reason to invest in a sewer inspection before you purchase a new home: money. Sewer repairs can be extremely expensive. And if it happens a short time after you move in, are you prepared for thousands of dollars in repair bills as you fix the sewer line and any damage it caused to your home?

The primary cause of sewer damage is tree roots. If you’re buying an older home in an established area because of the lush landscape, you’re also buying into greater risk.

Sewer systems aren’t designed to last forever. If a blockage occurs on your side of the property line, it’s not the city’s problem; it’s yours. If it’s under the driveway, it has to come up. If it destroys your landscaping, you’ll have to repair it. If it floods your basement, you’ll need remediation services.

Are you seeing the problem?

Isn’t it worth taking one extra step in your home buying process?

If you agree, give us a call. We can schedule a visit with one of our plumbers to come out and provide you with a full sewer inspection. It’s all about peace of mind.

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