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Can I Plug My Electric Car In At Home?

You don’t have to drive very far down the streets of Atlanta to discover there are more electric vehicles on the road today than ever before. Maybe that’s because there are so many available for a variety of manufacturers. Whether you prefer a Chevy or a BMW, or want to take a ride in the newest to market, a Tesla, there’s an electric car waiting for you.

Can I Plug My Electric Car In At Home?Electric cars promise to leave the world a better place. They run cleaner and emit no pollutants into the air supply. Because they don’t run on gasoline, they don’t require the same maintenance and repair levels of more traditional cars. That can be huge savings throughout the life of the car.

But there is still a challenge with electric cars: how will you plug them in?

Public charging stations are growing, but they can still be hard to find. Still, the average person drives only 29.2 miles per day. That makes not having close by public charging stations no longer a deal breaker if you’re thinking of buying one. As long as you have a charging station at home.

How do you plug in an electric car?


How you charge your electric car depends on your charging cord. If you have a 110-volt charging cord, the electric car can be plugged into an ordinary 110-volt outlet inside your garage or carport. Using this level of charging, most vehicles can be fully charged overnight. However, consult an electrician before you plug it in. If it’s on the same circuit as other energy-heavy appliances, it may be enough to trip the breaker. A dedicated circuit may be the best solution.


If you’re looking for a faster solution, it may benefit you to upgrade to a 240-volt charging system. For most vehicles, it cuts the charging time down from about 8 hours to around 4. If you do install a 240-volt charger, it will have to be on its own dedicated circuit.

Cost Savings

For most people that choose to buy an electric car, it’s ultimately about the savings. It offers a cleaner solution which is better for the environment. It costs less to operate. It requires fewer repair bills.

In some cases, it might even offer you an incentive for switching to newer technology. Georgia Power, for example, is focused on meeting demands. They are working to make more public charging stations available, as well as offering incentives to people who choose to buy into the technology. You can check their website for more details and to see if any of them impact you.

Are you considering an electric car? How will you plug in your electric car? If you need help installing a charger or upgrading to a dedicated circuit, we can help.

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