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Are Your Children Protected From Electric Shock?

When you have a child, your world changes. Suddenly you look at everything through different eyes. You pay attention to what foods you bring into your home. You consider carefully educational opportunities.

What about security?

From the time a baby starts to move, your home becomes a place of endless curiosity. And a tremendous opportunity for injury.

Did you know that 2,400 children in the US are treated for injuries caused by electrical shock?

Electricity isn’t just dangerous; it’s deadly. We understand that. Which is why dealing with electrical outlets is high on the list of security measures to take when baby-proofing our homes.

So we head to the store and invest in a package of plastic caps that are designed to pop into an outlet, supposedly protecting our children from poking their tiny fingers where the don’t belong. And nine in ten households think that’s enough.

For many children, those small caps are merely a beacon for more curiosity. They pick at it, play at it, and in almost half of the cases can pry it loose.

A study by Temple University showed that children between the ages of 2 and 4 were able to remove those plastic outlet caps within 10 seconds. Not 10 percent or even 50 percent of toddlers. All of them. And depending on their age, the next most logical place for the plastic caps to go is in their mouths. Which means they are prime for choking hazards as well.

How can you ensure your child isn’t one of the statistics? By installing Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRRs) in your home instead.

TRRs look just like an ordinary outlet, but they are designed with spring-loaded receptacle cover plates that close off the openings. When equal pressure is simultaneously applied to both sides, the receptacle cover plates open up and allow a standard plug to enter. But without this simultaneous pressure, it remains closed.

TRRs are an important part of home security. So much so, they’ve been required by the National Electrical Code since 2008 as a way of preventing injury. While they may be standard in new home construction, they are easy to retrofit into existing homes as well. Only a licensed electrician should install TRRs to ensure their safety.

Is your home a safe place to protect your child against electrical shock?

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