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In need of an HVAC, air conditioning, plumbing or heating contractor in Decatur? R.S. Andrews has got you covered! For 50 years, we’ve provided reliable expert service in installation, maintenance and repair to Decatur homeowners. R.S. Andrews is the company homeowners trust with all their heating, plumbing, HVAC and heating needs.

In a pinch, call R.S. Andrews, and we’ll get to work immediately to solve whatever problem you’ve got. Our customers are our top priority, and as Decatur’s resident experts in HVAC, heating, plumbing and air conditioning, we strive for excellence in all aspects of the service we provide.

Decatur Air Conditioning Services

Imagine it’s a 95-degree day, and you come home to a warm house. You go to bump your thermostat temperature down, just to realize your air conditioner won’t run on. Now what do you do?

R.S. Andrews offers fast, reliable, and friendly AC repair services in Decatur and throughout the Atlanta area 24 hours a day. We can handle everything from broken compressors and condenser coil repairs to complete AC system replacement. Our Decatur air conditioning services include:

  • AC repair in Decatur
  • Air conditioning installation in Decatur
  • AC replacement in Decatur
  • AC maintenance in Decatur
  • 24 hour emergency AC repair in Decatur

Decatur Heating Services

Every day during a Decatur winter, your heating system works hard to keep your family warm and comfortable. R.S. Andrews is here to make sure it can do that job, with a full list of heating services from a team of dedicated HVAC pros. At R.S. Andrews, our Decatur heating services include:

Not matter what type of heating system you have, our team can help keep it functioning at its best, providing reliable and efficient heating service all winter long. Whether you’re having a problem with your heating system or simply want to schedule an inspection to ensure that it will function at its best, R.S. Andrews is the name you need to know.

Don’t wait until you have a breakdown to take advantage of our heating services. Call R.S. Andrews at 770-913-6412 for heating services in Decatur and the surrounding communities, or contact our team online for help.

Expert Decatur Plumbers

Plumbing is a vital part of any household. Homeowners know the importance of having functioning, reliable plumbing, and they know the problems a faulty plumbing system can cause. Therefore, it’s highly important to find a reliable plumber you can call any time of day or night, who you can rely on to fix the problem quickly and definitively, saving you time, stress and money. R.S. Andrews is the best place to look for reliable plumbing contractors. We’ve got experts on-hand 24 hours a day to meet your needs, and fix what needs fixing, whether it’s a water heater, a disposal, a septic tank, pipes, waterlines, toilets, the dishwasher, sewers, drains, or sinks. For capable, friendly service that gets the job done and keeps your household comfortable and healthy, look no further than R.S. Andrews.

We serve all Decatur zip codes, including:

  • 30030
  • 30031
  • 30032
  • 30033
  • 30034
  • 30035
  • 30036
  • 30037

Local Reviews
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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 20 customer reviews

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Always Excellent!

We have been delighted to have consistently great experiences with R S Andrews. The service techs are knowledgeable and friendly. They take the time to properly explain things and they look for ways to keep costs low. What more could you ask for?

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Very find company even on a Emergancy on Sunday or Holliday.

We have used them for years and the workers are very nice and do know what needs to be done,they keep up with the changes we need to make and tell us what they have to repair or replace well explained.

Map of Decatur, GA

Responsive, quality service.

Map of Decatur, GA

Premature Condensor Coil Failure

In July, 2014 R. S. Andrews replaced a condensing unit at my home. In June, 2016 the system stopped cooling and I contacted R. S. Andrews regarding the problem. A technician responded and his evaluation of the problem indicated that the system was low on refrigerant. The technician added refrigerant and the system was returned to service. Further investigation indicated that the cause of the problem was a leak in the condensing coil that was installed in July, 2014. The manufacturer of the condensing unit provided a 10-year warrant on the condensing coil. However, the warrant on the labor to replace the coil was only 12 months. R. S. Andrews ultimately replaced the defective coil at an initial cost, including the service call to troubleshoot the problem, of $770.00. Following the completion of the work I discussed the problem and associated repairs with R. S. Andrews Service Manager. It was fairly clear that the root cause of the failure was a latent manufacturing defect in the coil that was installed in July, 2014. It seemed unreasonable that there should be a labor charge for replacing a component with a 10-year warrant that failed in less than two years. The R. S. Andrews Service Manager agreed and he refunded the entire cost of the repairs. R. S. Andrews remained open minded regarding the circumstances associated with this specific problem, and subsequently resolved the issue in a fair and reasonable manner.

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