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Clean Ducts Are Efficient Ducts

How long has it been since your air ducts have been cleaned? Months? Years?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, your ductwork is long overdue for a cleaning.

There are many signs that your ducts need to be cleaned.Clean Ducts are Efficient Duct


  • If you’ve noticed the dust builds up quicker on your furniture, it’s most likely your HVAC system is pushing dust from the ducts around your home.
  • If you or someone in your home has allergies or if allergic reactions suddenly increase or get worse, it could be a sign of dirty ducts.
  • If you notice a terrible smell coming from the vents of your ventilation system, your ductwork is the likely cause.
  • If you see and signs of biological growth in your ducts, vents, or other parts of your HVAC system, it’s time for your ductwork to be cleaned.

Is your home in any of these situations? If so, there are several benefits from having your ductwork cleaned this year.

  • You’ll have a cleaner HVAC system that will operate more efficiently and have more reliable performance throughout the coming season.
  • You’ll have a better performing HVAC system, which means less wear and tear on the parts, fewer expensive repair bills down the road.
  • You’ll have reduced energy bills due to a more energy efficient HVAC system.
  • You’ll decrease the chances of allergy and respiratory issues for your family.
  • You’ll find it easier to keep your home clean due to less dust in your living area.

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