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Do You Need To Clean Your Furnace in Your Atlanta Home?

You probably have a cleaning routine in your home. Every week, you sweep, scrub, vacuum and dust the surfaces to ensure your house remains free of dust and debris. Cleaning not only keeps your house in good shape, but it also prevents potential health concerns.

But is that enough?

Because even though you run a mop over your floors and use a cloth to wipe down the furniture, there are some places you can’t reach. Or have never thought of cleaning before.

What about your furnace?

Your furnace is often tucked away in an inconspicuous place. It’s in your basement, in a closet, behind a closed door. Sure, you know it’s there. But cleaning it?

Yet your furnace impacts your home more than any other piece of equipment you own. If it’s cold outside, your furnace turns on and controls the conditioned air. It blows warmed air into a duct system that disperses it throughout your home. It not only controls the temperature, but it also controls the air quality.

You wash dishes once, maybe twice per day. You use your microwave a handful of times. Even your toilet is only used occasionally throughout the day, depending on how many people are in your family. But your furnace is something that works again and again, day and night, in most cases without you even thinking about it.

The modern furnace is a pretty complex system of mechanical parts. And each piece is subject to wear and tear as well as normal replacement depending on the unit used in your home. If you keep each piece clean and up to date, it will ensure your equipment has a long life.

To use the word “clean” is overly simplistic. It’s not like a table that simply needs to be wiped down. It’s not a piece of equipment you can run a clean cloth over and expect good results. Instead, each piece requires its own specific maintenance to ensure it’s up to date and in the best shape possible.

That’s where an HVAC technician comes into play. A specialized technician understands the intricacies of the HVAC system. He understands exactly how your furnace works. And like all other equipment in your home, your furnace has become a sophisticated piece of machinery, incorporating technology into its functionality.

If this isn’t cleaned the right way, not only can you do more damage to the internal components, you can impact the air quality of your home as well.

HVAC technicians have comprehensive checklists to ensure they check and clean every component. When deficiencies are noted, they are brought to the homeowner’s attention so that repairs or upgrades can be considered.

Can you get away with ignoring it? Of course. For a while. But it will creep up and impact you, often when you least expect it and at the most inopportune times.

When was the last time you cleaned your furnace?

Furnace Maintenance in Atlanta

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