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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Team: Who You Should Include

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Team: Who You Should Includ

It’s not just your heating and cooling systems that are important to the overall comfort of your commercial property; your indoor air quality (IAQ) is equally important. Yet for many, they assume good indoor air quality is difficult to achieve. It can be, but it’s not impossible. Not when you have the right people on your team.

Good IAQ requires dedication from a variety of people.

The Building Owner/Manager

The owner or manager should be one of the driving forces behind IAQ programs. Because they have the big picture about the wants and needs of everyone on site, they should be able to set appropriate policies and tasks to ensure all environmental issues are met.

The Facility or Maintenance Engineer

Because this person is responsible for ventilation system design and operation, equipment maintenance and control over all pathways that draw air into the building, they must understand the trade-offs between good IAQ and managing energy costs. They should ensure filters are changed and replaced, maintenance is attained on a regular basis, and all repairs made to confirm proper performance.

The Sustainability Professional

Good IAQ is now a key goal of many high-performance buildings. If healthy indoor air quality is important to you, a sustainability professional can help evaluate the ability of systems in place to determine where to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, raw material use and waste, and how to save money in the long run, both on immediate and monthly costs.

The HVAC Contractor

HVAC contractors work alongside other members to do periodic preventative system maintenance and to detect and troubleshoot IAQ problems. HVAC contractors should be well versed in IAQ issues, including how a building’s air filtration system impacts indoor air quality and overall energy costs.

Building Occupants

Tenants are often one of the most important and most detrimental members of the team. Build good relationships with each member to ensure daily tasks don’t put air quality at risk. At a minimum, tenants should:

  • Avoid blocking air vents
  • Smoke only in designated areas
  • Store food properly and dispose of garbage promptly
  • Avoid using dangerous chemicals and contaminants
  • Notify building management immediately if IAQ problems arise

Do you have an IAQ team in place for your commercial property?

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