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Commercial Lighting Trends – How To Integrate LED Into Your Atlanta Business

Remember just a few years ago when the world was abuzz about LED lighting? Now LED is steadily becoming the norm.

But even as you make decisions on how to upgrade your commercial lighting applications, there may be some trends you can take advantage of that will improve your efficiency and ambiance even more. There are a lot of changes currently in the lighting industry; here are a few things to consider.Commercial Lighting Trends - How To Integrate LED Into Your Atlanta Business

Motion Sensors

We all look for ways to reduce our energy costs. People understand that and are willing to do things both at home as well as when they’re out in public. One trend in commercial lighting is the addition of motion sensors. These handy devices allow public areas to reduce energy costs without having to change out routines or fixtures. Also known as occupancy sensors, they turn on when someone enters the room by detecting movement, and will turn off when no motion is detected.

Mobile Apps

You may be using an app to control your lighting at home, so it was only a matter of time before the same options became available in a commercial application too. When you can control lighting via wifi or Bluetooth, it allows employers to control lighting depending on their needs, all from the convenience of a mobile device. You can dim lights, change the color, or make it brighter during working hours to increase productivity.

Interactive Lighting

Have you stepped into a dressing room that allows you to control the light? See how a pair of jeans looks in outdoor lighting, and with a touch of a button, you can convert it to night lighting to see yourself in a cocktail dress. All of that can give a big boost to retailers who can offer more services to their customers. You can also use interactive lighting to create interesting diversions – how about a wall of LEDs that follow people down moving pathways? We’ve only begun to see the potential interactive lighting has in commercial applications.

Increasing Daylight

Natural sunlight has been proven to be beneficial to the human body. But we all know the majority of our time is spent inside. In a commercial application, you can only build an office with so many windows. LED technology lets you mimic color temperatures designed to resemble daylight. Companies are also experimenting with “virtual skies” to simulate the natural progression of daylight throughout the day.

When was the last time you analyzed your commercial lighting applications?

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