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Commercial Outdoor Lighting Can Improve Safety

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Can Improve Safety

A commercial property takes on a new appearance when the sun dips down past the horizon. Suddenly, what may seem attractive and inviting in the daylight hours can become foreboding and even dangerous if your commercial outdoor lighting isn’t well thought out and well-planned.

A well-lit property deters criminal activity, puts tenants and visitors at ease, and helps prevent accidents and injuries that are often sustained due to poor visibility. Yet lighting your commercial property can get expensive. The US Department of Energy estimates that outdoor lighting can account for up to 10 percent of your overall commercial lighting expenses. That’s where today’s technology may offer you a solution.

If you are still running conventional incandescent outdoor lighting, you’ll find an immediate improvement by upgrading to LED. LED lamps can deliver the same amount of illumination as conventional lighting, while cutting energy use by up to 80 percent. Not only that, you’ll notice the difference almost immediately. LEDs offer superior lighting quality and run cooler than their predecessors. They also last up to 20 times longer than incandescents, which means replacement and maintenance costs will go down.

A well-lit property means covering all your risk factors. It means installing outdoor lighting in the appropriate places, including some of the locations that are often overlooked.

Entry Points

It’s easy to provide a well-lit entrance to your building; that’s where most of your focus has probably gone. That’s curb appeal. That creates your building’s first impression. Remember to light the doorway, signage, the pathway leading up to it, and any other property that connects up with the front entryway.

Don’t forget other entry points too. Gates, back or side entrances are equally important, especially if they are frequently used by tenants as they enter or leave early in the morning or late at night. These entryways should allow tenants and visitors comfortable access, and discourage others from using the entrances as ways for entering undetected.


Don’t forget criminals often use windows as entry points.  While windows don’t have to be lit as brightly as entryways, make sure they are accented to prevent dark spots that can allow criminals to hide. Illuminating the landscaping can create a sophisticated look, while allowing your building to be safer at all hours of the night.

Pathways and Driveways

All pathways on your property should be well lit at all times. Never assume that a pathway isn’t used; if it exists, it’s probably in use. Commercial LED lights are available in many styles and fixtures. Make sure pathway lights are installed to provide at least one foot-candle of illumination, and consider overhead lamps at specific intervals along the way.

Likewise, assure all driveways are well lit for everyone to see. Cars may have lights, but as people use them to walk from the building to the parking lot, or bicycle traffic uses it to maneuver the property, ensure they all have adequate lighting to stay safe in the process.


Stairs can be hazardous in the best of conditions. Ensure that visibility is at its best at all hours of the day. Be sure lights call attention to every detail, ensuring people can see tread and risers and maneuver them with ease

Parking Lots

People often feel vulnerable in parking lots, especially if they have to make their way to darkened corners. A series of LED floodlights appropriately placed can create a day-like atmosphere that protects customers on dark winter evenings, and employees that leave after hours.

How up to date is your commercial outdoor lighting? Is it time for improvement?

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