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Is Your Commercial Property in Atlanta Wasting Water?

If you own or manage an older property, you’re challenged by maintaining daily operations while improving and upgrading systems along the way. Some plumbing system upgrades may have curtailed water use, but advances continue to change the industry all the time. That means there is always room for upgrade, with access to more water-use data to help hold utility costs down.

Before you can set realistic goals for saving water, it’s important to assess the performance of fixtures throughout the facility to determine whether it’s operating efficiently or not. The easiest way to do that is with a facility wide water audit.

A water audit can help identify water saving opportunities and better understand the infrastructure and output in place. You can track water use from its point of entry, throughout the facility, and through its discharge into the sewer. It can help develop a plan of where actionable items exist, as well as replacement costs for bringing everything up to today’s standards.

We often find that managers have attempted to cut back on water usage in some ways, but they may not always be effective. For example, installing low flow toilets seems like a prudent thing to do. But if you have a low flow product that requires flushing two or three times, it negates the ultimate purpose.

Product advances are everywhere. Plumbing valves, faucets, and toilets have all undergone significant changes over the past decade or two. But not all work well with existing pipes, hardware, and fixtures. Determining how new technology integrates with your existing functionality is a part of the process. To just start adding off-the-shelf solutions because they are the “latest” technology may not be the best process for your facility.

Some commercial restroom fixtures and fittings continue to decrease their usage of water. In fact, some fixtures use no water at all. But you can’t sacrifice sanitation for the sake of conservation. It’s a process that continues to work hand in hand.

In new construction, using high efficiency systems can be maximized. In retrofit applications, managers may need to combine technology for maximum impact. A one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work.

That’s where a plan comes into play. It emphasizes the identified water conservation goals to specific plumbing products that can get the job done. All fittings are not created equal.

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But with a plan in place, you can work towards your goals over time. A highly skilled plumber can help you along the way.

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