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The Connection Between IAQ and Productivity in Atlanta

It’s a fact that the average American spends up to 90 percent of their time indoors. It’s also a fact that indoor air pollutants can be up to five times as dangerous as outdoor pollutants, according to the EPA.

The most common symptoms of poor indoor air quality include headaches, nausea, dizziness, irritability, and eyes/nose/throat irritation. These conditions impact not only short and long term health, but also employee work performance.

As a building manager, you can do a number of things to lessen the negative effects that poor IAQ has on the health of employees. You can:

Assess the space – Create zones throughout the building and evaluate each zone on its own accord. Determine how flooring, furniture, and other factors impact each zone. Categorize each into high, medium and low traffic zones. Also, create maintenance plans for each zone for both daily routines and professional deep cleaning.

Maintain HVAC – HVAC equipment is often out of sight, which in many cases also makes it out of mind. Don’t ignore it and wait for problems to occur. Instead, create a regular maintenance routine that includes an HVAC professional checking the equipment on a seasonal basis, changing out filters and helping to keep circulating air as clean as possible.

Dirty ducts – Having the buildup of dirt and debris removed from the HVAC system duct work is essential to a healthy building. Having a NADCA certified company perform a thorough source removal will help lower the amount of respiratory irritants in the air that your employees breathe.

Cleaning schedule – Remember, it’s not just your HVAC equipment that controls air quality. Many items throughout your building, including flooring, upholstery, window coverings and more, act as filters and help trap them in their material. Carpets, for example, can collect up to a pound of dirt per square foot, which means it’s also a good place to harbor potential problems. Be sure to have a deep cleaning maintenance plan in place for every surface area of your building and use it on a continual basis.

Reduce harsh chemicals – Harsh chemicals only add into the mix of potentially dangerous substances circulating throughout your building. Many of today’s materials offer low VOC qualities – flooring, paints, building materials and more – can help reduce the amount of lingering chemicals employees are subjected to on a regular basis. Use only safe, green certified cleaning agents for every level of cleaning throughout your building.

Indoor Air Quality Contractors in Atlanta

By taking just a few steps, businesses will experience many benefits, including the potential to increase worker productivity. When workers are happy and healthy, they show up more motivated to perform work and use fewer sick or personal days to recover from potential problems.

How is IAQ impacting the productivity in your workspace?

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