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How To Control Your Building’s Cooling Problems

How To Control Your Building’s Cooling Problems

Today’s commercial properties are buzzing with activity. Tenants and employees come and go twenty-four hours of the day, seven days of the week. With global business a standard practice, it’s not unusual finding someone deep at work no matter when you enter.

As a building operator, that means there are many more demands on maintaining efficiencies throughout. If proper ventilation isn’t in place, if an office space is too warm to work in, you’ll hear about it. People aren’t shy about vocalizing their requests.

But there’s another part of your building that won’t speak up and simply tries to operate effectively no matter the conditions. And if it doesn’t get what it needs, you’ll pay the ultimate price down the road. That place is your technology room.

Servers and IT equipment are moving in at record speed. Every appliance is adding smart technology. Artificial intelligence is being added to the mix. And though it may not voice its concerns… yet… it will show problems quickly if not properly maintained.

While new buildings are often built with technology centers in mind, older buildings simply weren’t created with proper placement. That’s why you’ll find server rooms built into old supply closets, IT equipment next to the cleaning supplies. All of it is waiting for problems to occur.

When tenants and owners grow their businesses, IT is almost always a part of the mix. They add servers and terminals planning for future growth. Buying the equipment may be top priority; maintaining it all often becomes an afterthought. Sure, they have IT specialists on hand to operate the data. But what about keeping everything cool?

Old buildings are built to keep people cool. They never were built for technology. Which is why you, as a property manager, must build that into your plans.

How much will technology increase in the coming months and years? How much equipment will you be adding?

A proper cooling system should be installed for the wattage being generated by the equipment. And if that’s expected to increase, thinking bigger is in your best interest.

It’s also important to think about heat rejection. With an air cooling unit in place, where will it go? Cooling units also create excess condensation. Is it properly accounted for, or leaking onto the floors? Water and excess heat can make dangerous enemies if they build up where they shouldn’t be.

The future is clear; IT will be a major part of every business that enters your building. The only question is how prepared your cooling system is to handle the issues. We can show you the best way to cool your building for all of its needs, and help decrease vulnerabilities that only old buildings can have.

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