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Using What You Have To Cut HVAC Costs in Atlanta


When you own a commercial building, juggling all the costs can be difficult at best. Just when you think you’re sticking to a budget, something happens, and you have added expense.

The bigger the system, the larger the opportunity for breaking the bank. And with your HVAC system, the opportunity is ripe for major expenses.

But as a property manager, there are a few areas you can use cost-effective measures to help control your out of pocket expenses. It can prolong the need for replacement, ensuring your HVAC equipment stays operational and functional for as long as possible.

Avoid Over Conditioning Outside Air

Ensure your EMS is functioning properly. For example, do you have your seasonal settings for humidity set correctly? If set improperly and the settings are reversed, you may be forcing wet summer air to be dried to a lower humidity levels and humidifying dry winter air to higher levels than necessary. While this may leave the building comfortable, the chillers will know the difference. They will work tediously to remove the extra moisture, and electric systems will raise your power bills higher than ever before. Unless you are operating a building with special circumstances – a hospital for instance – you can usually lower the humidity settings in both summer and winter, and nobody will notice.

Look For Opportunities Everywhere

As a building manager, everything you do is scheduled to ensure costs are controlled as much as possible. That includes regular maintenance items as well as upgrading systems. While you might not have it in the budget this year for an HVAC upgrade, this might be the year where you install more efficient lighting throughout, both inside and outside your property. When internal loads are reduced, discharge temperatures can change. Depending on how your air conditioning system operates, it may mean that you can reduce the cooling load and reduce the energy used for the cooling process. Depending on the humidity level, different control strategies may be implemented, and impact your monthly energy bills significantly.

Find Small Investments That Make Big Differences

Commercial HVAC units can last a long time. If your system has been operating for years, chances are many small adjustments can be made that will have a big impact on how the system operates. Where standard thermostats exist, consider replacing them with programmable units. Automatic temperature settings can allow significant savings during off hours. It can also enable you to layout your building in different ways. Where comfort isn’t crucial – lobbies, hallways, storage areas – you can vary your HVAC use to save money over time.

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