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Designing Your Outdoor Lighting With Safety In Mind

Designing Your Outdoor Lighting With Safety In MindOutdoor lighting outside of your home is sometimes an afterthought. We use porch lights built into our homes, street lights provided by the city, and leave the rest to chance.

But what about when you come home late at night after a busy day at work? Or when your guests leave after an evening of fun?

Outdoor lighting ensures safety in many ways. It protects you, your guests, and in some cases, can prevent potential theft from would-be burglars as well. Installing outdoor lighting can add safety as well as add pleasing aesthetics to your home at night.


Outdoor lighting should be installed with several factors in mind. It can illuminate potential tripping hazards, deter criminals, and give your home a pleasing look at night. The trick is to position the lights to accomplish a little bit of everything. When choosing locations to install lights, keep these areas in mind:

Doorways – all doorways that enter your home should be illuminated, including front, side, back doors and garages
House Address – make it easy for family, guests and emergency responders to locate your home all hours of the day
Pathways – sidewalks and pathways that lead up to and around your home should be well lit
Stairs – these are important to keep well lit to avoid potential tripping hazards


Outdoor lighting can be different than installing indoor lights depending on your landscape and the lighting you choose. While solar and battery powered lights may offer some illumination, in many cases electricity will be needed to keep lights functional all night long. This requires wiring to be run underground and connected to the home’s electrical system. To avoid potential problems, it’s best to let a trained technician handle the installation process.


If you haven’t looked at outdoor lighting options, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. There are many different lighting resources available, from fluorescent lamps, metal halide, and LED lighting. Fluorescent lamps run efficiently, yet have trouble starting at certain temperatures. Metal halide is highly efficient within certain temperature ranges, but requires time to warm up at others – not ideal for motion sensors. LED is a popular choice because of their efficiency and the longevity of the resource, but it does come at an initial higher cost, while paying for themselves within a year and a half. Maintenance, and bulb changes is another factor that LED eliminates almost completely.

Outdoor lighting is something every homeowner should consider. If you haven’t looked at your outside grounds for both safety and security, now is the time. We can help.

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