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Does Duct Sealing Work To Reduce Your Heating Costs?

On a cold winter morning, nothing feels better than having a steady flow of warm air come through the vents to heat your home.

How efficient is that process? According to the Department of Energy, the average home can lose as much as 30 percent of the airflow as it moves through the ductwork. Air can escape through cracks and holes along the way, leaking behind the walls or into the attic or basement. That means higher energy bills for you as your HVAC system works hard to compensate for the differences.Does Duct Sealing Work To Reduce Your Heating Costs?

Think of your home’s ductwork as a network of conduits flowing through the walls, floors, and ceilings. It carries the air supply from your furnace and air conditioner to each room in your home, trying to keep it properly conditioned. Ducts are most often made of sheet metal, fiberglass, and occasionally other materials.

If the system was properly installed and is working correctly, the conditioned air supply makes it into each room in your home. However, over time, things can go wrong. Joints wiggle loose. Holes and cracks can start to appear. And the air escapes into unheated spaces – like your attic.

But it’s not just the air that can be a problem. Leaky ducts also allow airborne pollutants to leak as well. If biological growth begins developing anywhere within the system, it can quickly travel and impact every room in your home. That’s not a good thing, especially if you have a member of the family who already suffers from respiratory problems.

It even goes deeper than that. A gas-forced furnace system also produces combustion gases like carbon monoxide. This can cause backdraft through cracks and holes and flow inside your living space. This can be dangerous, deadly if left unfixed.

How do you know if you have leaky ducts? Do you have any of these problems:

  • Stuffy or uncomfortable rooms
  • Space that is hard to keep warm or cool
  • Sudden unexplained illness
  • Unusually high utility bills
  • Excessive amounts of dust

If you suspect you might have a problem with your ducts, maybe it’s time to invest in duct sealing. It’s the best way to create a tighter envelope in your home, control temperatures better in each room, and create a more comfortable home for you and your family.

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