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Does Your HVAC Use R22 Refrigerant? Here’s How It Will Impact You

Does your HVAC system use R22 refrigerant? You may be in for a surprise the next time you schedule a maintenance visit with one of our technicians.

As of January 1, 2020, the production and import of R22 refrigerant is illegal. That means technicians will no longer have a supply line of R22 to fix a repair that involves refrigerant. You’ll have to make a decision on whether you’ll pay higher prices for the R22 refrigerant still available, or select a system replacement instead.

Why January 1, 2020?Does Your HVAC Use R22 Refrigerant? Here’s How It Will Impact You

This regulation has been a long time coming. If you’ve had your HVAC system maintained throughout the years, your technician might have mentioned the changing laws a time or two.

On January 1, 2010, the EPA banned the production and installation of equipment requiring R22. It provided phase out guidelines that allowed R22 production only in the instance of servicing existing equipment through 2019. As of January 1, 2020, no more R22 can be produced.

If your equipment was built and installed before January 1, 2010, there’s a good chance it still uses R22 refrigerant. Check the label on your equipment, it should list what type of refrigerant used. You can also talk with one of our technicians who will be happy to evaluate your current system and confirm what’s used.

Now what? What if my equipment uses R22 refrigerant? 

The ban doesn’t require you to replace a fully functioning system that uses R22 refrigerant. Instead, it impacts only future repairs as they come up.

For some time in the future, R22 may still be available. Only existing supplies will be available for use. That may make R22 increasingly harder to find, and more expensive as the supply goes down. With the increasing costs of R22, you may end up paying more for a repair than it would cost for a down payment on new heating and cooling equipment. Because your equipment is already at least ten years old, it’s a good idea to weigh your options carefully.

The other option is to replace your equipment. If you replace before you have an emergency repair, you can do so on your timeframe. It gives you a chance to weigh your options and make the right selection based on your needs. You can compare new features and benefits, and improve efficiency with some of the latest technology available on the market today. It can lower your monthly utility bills dramatically, making it worth your time to upgrade today.

Do you have equipment using R22 refrigerant? Not sure? We’re here to help. Let one of our technicians evaluate your system and help you decide the best course of action based on these new requirements.

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