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Duct Cleaning When you Have Zone Control

Does your building operate using zone control? It’s a great way to heat different parts of your building in different ways.

Often referred to as variable air volume or VAV, it’s a way for one large HVAC system to direct airflow to specific areas within the building in direct ways. That way, office temperatures can be controlled in one manner, while production space can be handled separately.Duct Cleaning When you Have Zone Control

Zone control is handled by installing VAV boxes. Made of sheet metal, they have a damper and a control panel, with a thermostat to help control the air flow. When the HVAC system turns on, it forces air throughout the entire system. It’s the VAV boxes that control where the conditioned air supply goes, depending on how open or closed the individual units are.

Like other parts of your HVAC system, these VAV boxes work hard to control the air supply. They have individual working pieces that ensure air is delivered appropriately. To work at peak performance, maintenance is required regularly. That includes being routinely cleaned too.

But this isn’t something a standard duct cleaning service can accomplish without creating additional problems. It takes an experienced duct cleaner, one who understands the ins and outs of working with a commercial ventilation system that includes zone control. They have to be careful not to damage the parts of the zone control system.

As pollutants and contaminants build up in the VAV box, it’s not able to perform properly. This leads to a variety of problems, including:

  • Higher repair bills
  • Higher energy costs
  • Increased risk of sick building syndrome
  • Decreased lifespan of heating and cooling equipment

Only a professional and experienced duct cleaning service will ensure your zoned heating and cooling system are maintained in the proper manner.

When was the last time your ducts were cleaned?

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