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Why Ductwork Efficiency Matters in Atlanta

What equipment is essential to keeping your home comfortable year round, supply heat in the winter and cool air in the summer? If you immediately thought about your HVAC equipment you’re only half right. The ducts and vents that supply the air are also vitally important.

If ductwork is installed incorrectly, you will end up paying more on your utility bills every month. You may also be heating and cooling the great outdoors, and even worse, may be putting your family’s health at risk.

The same holds true if your ductwork isn’t properly maintained year after year. Several problems can occur.

Reduced air distribution. The US Department of Energy reports that many homes contain ductwork that is operating at only 60 to 75 percent capability or less. That means you may be getting a lot less conditioned air than what you are paying for. Vents and ducts should be configured throughout your home in such a way that they deliver conditioned air in an effective manner.

Reduced indoor air quality. If your ducts begin to leak, they allow contaminants such as bacteria or allergens into the piping system. From there, unhealthy air may be distributed throughout your home. This can cause illness or aggravate a number of conditions, including infections, allergies, or respiratory problems.

Pressure imbalance. Leaky ductwork can also cause pressure imbalance, which draws outdoor air into the home and forces already conditioned air back outdoors. Beyond the loss of energy, this uneven pressure has the ability to cause backdrafting of lethal carbon monoxide by fuel burning appliances, such as a natural gas heater or fireplace.

If you are planning to install ductwork in new construction, or retrofit an older home, make sure you use a professional HVAC contractor who will design to Air Conditioning Contractors of America standards or their equivalent. Make sure all ducts are in conditioned space, whenever possible, and are adequately insulated throughout. Ductwork should also be properly sealed against leakage, with careful attention to joints and connections.

Ductwork Contractors in Atlanta

With existing ductwork, be on the lookout for potential problems. Ductwork with dark spots on its insulation could be a signal that leaks or cracks exist. Rusted, crushed or torn pipes also call for repair or replacement, depending on the damage. If your home has cold or warm spots, it could be that it isn’t receiving properly conditioned air; the ductwork should be evaluated to determine where problems exist. You should also watch for signs of dust, debris, insect or animal pests, or other bacterial growth. If you see signs of damage, call in a trained HVAC contractor immediately.

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