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Have You Fallen For These LED Myths?

LED lighting technology is the wave of the future. You only have to visit your local hardware store to know it’s so. You’ll find the light bulb aisle filled with many LED options. And if you’re looking for holiday lights, strings of LED lights have quickly become the norm.Have You Fallen For These LED Myths?

But what do you know about LED technology? Are you still in the dark about what LED means and how it impacts your home? Let us help you separate the myths from the facts in this ever-growing lighting choice.

Myth #1 LEDs last forever

Popular belief is that LED lights will become a “replace once” kind of technology. While LED does have an extended lifespan when compared to other lighting options, nothing lasts forever. Depending on operating conditions, LEDs can provide 50,000 hours or more of light. If you run them 24/7, they can last twice as long as fluorescents and many times longer than incandescents.

Myth #2 LEDs are expensive, so I should wait for the price to decline

In many cases, waiting will cost you money in the long run. Lighting is often one of the greatest expenses in our homes. So by investing a little more today into LED technology can actually lower your monthly utility bills in the coming months, especially as we head into the shorter days of winter.

Myth #3 LED technology is too new

Have you taken the “wait and see” approach to decide when the right time to buy is? LEDs have been in widespread use for over a decade now. They are becoming the mainstay for home lighting options – just visit your big box store, and you’ll know that’s true. Their impressive durability makes them a top choice for everything from home use to industrial applications.

Myth #4 LED is dangerous

LED lighting does not contain mercury like fluorescents. Not only are they mercury-free, but they also only generate about half the heat of their counterparts

Myth #5 LED is too bright for some situations

Well-designed LED bulbs manage glare and light replacement in different ways. If you haven’t looked at LED in awhile, you may be surprised at the options. LED can offer many different lighting options, helping reduce glare, and change color temperature for different applications.

Myth #6 LED is too blue

LED lighting is cooler than other lighting colors. The blue hue is different than what you may be used to with the yellow tones of traditional lighting. However, many people actually prefer the natural LED hue once they adjust to it and see the improvement in lighting quality and effectiveness. And with today’s options, you can adjust LED lighting in many different ways.

Myth #7 LED offers poor dimming options

Well designed LEDs offer a variety of lighting options. Quality matters when selecting an LED bulb. While LED bulbs do not require a special dimmer, you will need to purchase a dimmable LED bulb that is compatible with traditional dimmers, or upgrade your dimmer switch.

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