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Gas or Electric Appliances, Which Is Best For You?

It’s fun to remodel the kitchen. It’s exciting to replace old technology with new appliances. And if you’re like many homeowners, if you’re upgrading to a gourmet kitchen, you can’t imagine anything but gas appliances.

If you currently have electric appliances, does it make sense to change them out? How easy is a conversion from electric to gas? Is it worth the hassle?

Before you make your final decision, you should consider several things that might influence your decision.Gas or Electric Appliances, Which Is Best For You?

Is gas less expensive than electric?

In most cases, natural gas is cheaper to consume than electricity. And with current regulation, you can shop around for gas companies to choose your best rates.

While gas may be cheaper to operate, you still have other things to consider before you make the decision to switch. If your home currently operates with electric appliances, you’ll have the expense of converting from electric to gas. It requires rerouting a gas line to where your appliance will reside. Once the conversion is complete, you will enjoy lower utility bills from that point forward, so it’s important to calculate savings throughout the life cycle before making your final decision. You can check with your local utility company; some offer rebates to convert to natural gas, which can help you save even more.

Which is better for cooking?

Deciding between gas or electric appliances is a matter of convenience and personal choice. Chefs often lean towards cooking with gas, while bakers often enjoy electric.

Gas ranges will give you the most extended life. They have fewer working parts so they’re easier to maintain. Chefs often prefer gas cooktops because they heat faster and cook more evenly.

Electric ovens usually provide more even cooking than gas. They’re easier to heat, better at maintaining an internal temperature, and easier to clean as there are no coil burners inside for grease and burnt food to stick to.

What is better for drying clothes?

Homeowners often look at gas clothes dryers as an additional way to save money. Gas dryers can cost more upfront, but will save you money each month on your utility bills. It doesn’t take long to make up the difference. They dry clothes faster and reduce energy use. Electric dryers are less expensive to purchase, and make a good choice if you have plans to move or are looking to turn your home into a rental. Gas dryers do require an outside vent, which can be cost-prohibitive if you don’t have that in place.

Which should you choose?

No matter what appliance you’re looking to upgrade, selecting electric or gas is a personal choice. For the long term, gas may help you save on your utility bills. Yet electric can be a wise choice if you already have it in place. If you have questions about the conversion process, or want advice on installing the right appliance for your needs, give us a call today. 

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