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Get Your Gas Furnace Checked Before You Turn It On This Fall

As the temperatures creep lower, you’ll eventually have to turn your air conditioner off and your furnace on. For a gas furnace, there’s a safety factor that goes along with that process.

We suggest having your gas furnace checked before you turn it on each year to ensure two things: it’s thoroughly maintained and operates as it should, and that it’s working correctly to keep you safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. Get Your Gas Furnace Checked Before You Turn It On This Fall

As a licensed contractor, our job is to ensure your equipment is operating as efficiently as possible. We look at the gas line to your furnace to ensure it’s still functioning properly. We also perform annual maintenance to keep your furnace in good working condition.

As your equipment ages, things break down. Parts wear out. Technology isn’t as efficient as when it was first released. That causes your gas furnace to work harder, which costs you money in the form of higher utility bills.

The best way to keep your utility bills low is to ensure your equipment is in its best condition.

Gas appliances, in general, come with more risk. If they work correctly, they offer some of the best technology on the market today. But it’s wise to ensure they stay safe as you use them throughout the year. Safety is vital when you have gas appliances in your home. To ensure safety:

  • Install a carbon monoxide detector. You should have at least one on every level. Consider adding one to your garage if it’s attached. Make sure it’s directly outside each bedroom or sleeping space as well.
  • Upgrade batteries to carbon monoxide detectors regularly. We suggest replacing batteries at least once a year – why not make it a part of your time-change routine?
  • Check your gas appliances frequently to ensure pilot lights and burner flames are clear blue. If you see a yellow flame, it can indicate carbon monoxide is present.
  • If you have a gas fireplace, always ensure the damper is open when in use.

Have questions about your gas furnace or other gas appliances? We’re here to help.

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