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Getting Your Lighting Fixtures Right In Your Home

Lighting your home can be tricky business. In fact, most people think very little about how well their home is lit. They take it as is from the original builder, plug in a light or two here and there to illuminate a dark corner, and they never think about it again. 

Yet lighting is one of the most important features of your home. Many fixtures waste energy. What’s worse, they do so because they aren’t proper fixtures for the area they’re trying to light up. But with a little knowledge, you can update your lighting and avoid the most common mistakes. Getting Your Lighting Fixtures Right In Your Home

Let’s start in the kitchen. 

Many builders fill the kitchen with can lights because they provide a lot of light at very low cost. And because they’re in grid fashion throughout the space, it appears the lighting covers the room well. It doesn’t. They rarely have enough lumens to light all of your space adequately. Unless their adjustable, they won’t produce sufficient light on vertical spaces. And in the corners of your counterspace? Yep, very little light under there. That’s why you might have a dark, cave-like appearance. 

Kitchens need task lights. Try LED lights under the upper cabinets to help illuminate your workspace. Or try adding several low voltage pendant lights over an island to create a pleasing effect while flooding the workspace with the right amount of light. 

The bathroom often has similar problems. 

You’ll often find downlights above the vanity without adding sidelights to balance the light source out. Downlight casts shadows across your face. It can be inefficient for tasks like shaving or putting on makeup. How can you do everyday chores when you’re not seeing the real you?

You should also focus on problem areas within your home. Do you have a dark staircase? Or how about a long hallway that looks a bit dreary? It’s not the design of your home; it’s the lighting. 

Not all lighting works in every room in your home. Just because you love one style in one room doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for another. For maximum flexibility, focus in on what lighting source works best to suit your needs. Make sure they are all individually controlled to give you the lighting source when you need it. A dimmable LED can be the perfect way to light up a hallway day and night, without having it be overly bright late in the evening. 

Lighting isn’t just a requirement of living in your home. Think of it as a way of decorating with light. Choose your fixtures that complement your decor. Select lighting sources that look like they fit into the room, that they were carefully selected rather than just a mere afterthought. Performance and distribution matter. But looks do too. 

Need a little assistance? We can help you install and upgrade all of your lighting sources today. 

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