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Have You Tested Your Sump Pump This Year?

Are you ready for another year of crazy weather? 2018 brought in the second wettest year on record with just over 70 inches of rain. 2019 has been dryer. But with a 30 year average of close to 50 inches a year, it’s safe to say we’ll have plenty of rainy days in our future.

Have You Tested Your Sump Pump This Year?While the rain may be good for your trees and flowers, it isn’t as good for your home. If water gets into your basement or crawlspace, disaster can quickly occur.

A sump pump prevents groundwater from seeping into your basement or crawlspace. If excess water builds up along the foundation during heavy rains, the sump pump moves this excess water away from your home. If it stops working, it can allow water to penetrate through, causing biological growth. And if enough water gets through, it could flood the lower level of your home.

That’s why it’s imperative to test your sump pump regularly. There are two ways to check and ensure it’s working.

The easiest way is to unplug it and plug it back in. Sump pumps have two plugs: one connected to the pump itself, and one connected to the “float”, which tells the pump when the water level is too high and needs to be pumped out. Unplug both, then plug in the pump alone. Does it turn on? If not, your sump pump needs repair or replacement. Call in a plumber immediately to avoid potential damage. If it is working okay, don’t forget to reconnect the other plug.

The second way is to test your sump pump with water. You only need enough water to raise the float enough, so the sump pump turns on. Just because it turns on doesn’t mean it’s operating correctly. Watch to ensure it completes the cycle of moving the water out of the pit.

Still not sure if your sump pump is working correctly? Schedule an appointment with one of our service technicians today. We can test out the entire system and ensure it’s working to keep you safe when the next big rainstorm hits.

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