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Where Is Most Of Your Home’s Electricity Being Used?

Ever wondered where most of the power is distributed throughout your home? We all want to save money any way we can. Part of knowing where to reduce your costs comes from understanding what’s costing you the most.

Throughout your home, there are a few appliances that are known to consume more energy than others. Be aware of these appliances and work to make them more energy efficient over time.Where Is Most Of Your Home’s Electricity Being Used?

The Kitchen

You’ll find the kitchen has the highest number of appliances, yet they aren’t necessarily the most costly appliances in your home.

The refrigerator and freezer use about 4 percent of the annual energy costs in your home. By keeping this appliance clean, having only fresh food inside, you can reduce the amount of energy you use cooling unusable foods.

The oven uses about 3 percent of the annual energy. A self-cleaning oven is generally better insulated and therefore more energy efficient. However, using the self-cleaning feature is a huge waste of energy. You’re better off using tin foil or a lid to keep food from spilling over. Gas ovens will also be more energy efficient than electric.

The dishwasher accounts for about 2 percent of energy costs. It costs the same to run a dishwasher empty or full, so fill it up before each use.

The Laundry Room

Although there are only two appliances in the laundry room, they account for a significant part of your electrical bill. The easiest way to become more efficient is to select more efficient models.

The washer and dryer account for 6 percent of the energy used. For clothes that aren’t heavily soiled, choose to use cold water instead of warm or hot. There are also some dryer models that come with moisture sensors that can turn off the dryer when the clothes are dry. Although you should fill up the washer for efficiency, a dryer needs a little space to efficiently dry clothing.

Living Space

Your family probably spends a lot of time in family rooms, living quarters, and play space. There are a few appliances that consume more energy than you realize.

Lighting throughout your home accounts for up to 12 percent of the energy bills. Switching to more energy efficient bulbs can make a significant difference. Turn off lights when not in use to further reduce the costs.

Electronics, such as television, DVDs, games consoles, and computer equipment an account for 3 percent of the home’s energy costs and more. Many of these devices keep using energy even when not in use. Unplug them for more efficiency. Using a power strip can make it easy to turn off everything at once.

What appliances are costing you money each month? Where could you cut to save even more? We’re focused on helping you make your home more energy efficient and keep your utility bills as low as possible. Ask us how we can help.

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