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How Do You Protect Your Commercial Property From Storm Damage

Every year we face a tropical storm that wreaks havoc throughout our community. All the planning in the world can’t stop the storms from coming. But there are a number of things you can do to limit the damage when they hit. 

How Do You Protect Your Commercial Property From Storm DamageTaking preventative steps starts from the time you first build your commercial property and move into the space. It changes over time as landscaping matures and the needs of employees and renters change. It’s something that needs assessing on a continual basis. But a couple of hours of work periodically can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills down the line. 


Landscaping changes every year. Trees grow taller. Bushes and shrubs fill out and take up more space. And that means when a storm hits, it has more potential to cause damage all around your property. In fact, a large percentage of storm damage to property comes from tree and plant matter. 

By hiring a gardening company and taking control over all plant life on your properly, you can reduce the impact of potential damage before it occurs. Removing dead branches means they can’t fall as easily. Trimming back bushes gives more flexibility in removing the dead within the landscaping and creating a lush garden that thrives. 

You should also be conscious of how water drains throughout the property. Is landscaping too close to the structure and allows water to accumulate and pool? Is there adequate drainage to allow water to flow freely away from your building? 

Lightning Strikes

The odds of being struck by lightning this year here in the US are 1 in 700,000. And while those odds might not seem particularly high as an individual, for commercial properties, the odds drop significantly. Commercial buildings are often some of the riskiest structures in an area. And when lightning hits, the damage is swift and extensive, causing over a billion dollars in damage annually. In fact, lightning strikes account for 3 to 5 percent of all commercial insurance claims each year. 

That means lightning really isn’t a “rare” event. 

Installing a lightning protection system can be the difference between becoming a part of that statistic or not having any damage at all. Grounding tools allow lightning to discharge harmlessly and spread out in such a way as to not damage the surrounding property. It’s not always the lightning strike that is the most harmful. When lightning strikes an electrical or combustible material, it can cause a fire. And electrical fires aren’t easy to put out. 

When was the last time you talked about creative solutions to protect your commercial property in the worst of times? We can help you evaluate your building and make changes that will impact your safety and efficiency now and well into the future. 

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