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How LED Is Leading The Way To Commercial Savings

What’s the biggest operating expense for most commercial property owners? According to a US Department of Energy report Energy Efficiency Trends in Residential and Commercial Buildings, just over 25 percent goes to lighting. 

That makes lighting the most important project you can tackle when trying to become more energy efficient. And it’s changing. How LED Is Leading The Way To Commercial Savings

Over the next 20 years, the Department of Energy predicts we’ll convert as much as 86 percent of all commercial lighting products to LED, reducing annual energy costs by as much as $52 billion.

LEDs use less energy than their fluorescent counterparts. They also last longer, meaning you won’t be replacing bulbs as much as you do know. And because they don’t put off heat like other lighting sources, it also means your air conditioner won’t have to run in overtime trying to keep your building cool in the hottest months. 

Financially, switching to LED makes sense. 

While LEDs have been booming in the consumer marketplace for years, commercial applications aren’t as adaptable. 

Even if the financial side of changing to LED didn’t motivate you, there are other reasons. 

First, there are environmental reasons. As your maintenance crew works their way through your building replacing standard bulbs and throwing them away, has the environmental impact of disposal made you stop and think? Fluorescent bulbs contain traces of mercury. LEDs don’t. That means when it comes time for disposal – and LEDs last up to 80 percent longer than traditional bulbs – the environmental impact won’t be the same. 

Next, also consider the health benefits. LED is much brighter, giving off a better quality of light. Poor lighting causes a variety of problems, including stress, and impact a person’s short and long term performance. LED also doesn’t have the flickering or buzzing noise fluorescent bulbs often make, making headaches and eye strain a thing of the past. 

Finally, LEDs also give you more networked control. Control LED lighting with dimmers, timers, sensors, and smart operations. This gives you the opportunity to set your lighting preferences in place, while being able to control them from anywhere in case your goals or plans change. And all of this works for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can gain all of the benefits for both indoor and outdoor use, anytime, anywhere. 

Is this the year you start replacing your commercial lighting with LED?

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