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How Smart Technology Is Changing Water Heaters

Smart technology is hitting every industry, every niche. The term “smart home” applies to many different things throughout your home, from appliances to lighting, entertainment, security, and HVAC. You can use it to keep everything on a schedule, or have it controlled via a mobile device from anywhere in the world. 

How Smart Technology Is Changing Water HeatersIt’s easy to anticipate how technology can help us be more efficient. Do you use Google Home or Amazon Alexa? These personal assistants can assist you in many different ways. They can provide a wealth of information, perform research, even help you order and make reservations. 

Using apps, you can connect it to a variety of things throughout your home. Programmable thermostats have been around for years and are one of the most common smart appliances people have in their homes. It can be used to control when your lights turn on and off, even when you aren’t at home. 

As technology expands and we become more aware of our environment, it’s also stretching into helping us become more conservative in the way we use water. Your washing machine and dishwasher may come with smart technology that helps you control and monitor the device remotely. But with your water heater, it’s adding even more. 

Smart technology enables you to:

  • Adjust the temperature of your water heater
  • Give the heater advance notice of when you’ll need hot water
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Safety features to alert you if it’s leaking water
  • Reporting features to help you save water and more

 Are you in the process of automating your home? We’ll gladly talk with you about the most current technological advances and how we can help your home become more efficient in the process. 

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