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How To Choose A Toilet

When you make plans for the weekend, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the hours you have away from work. Selecting a new toilet isn’t one of them. No matter how much you enjoy shopping, looking at toilets rarely comes up high on anyone’s list. How To Choose A Toilet

In most cases, toilets all look the same. And it’s not like you install it and it becomes a part of your decor. It’s a necessity, one you rarely think about once it’s in place. 

What toilet flushes the best?

Not much has changed in design since the original was installed in a home many years ago. Federal standards have changed, limiting today’s residential toilets to 1.6 gallons per flush. And because we’re focused on making our homes more sustainable, more energy efficient, many toilets you’ll find in the stores use less per flush than that, and still do a great job. 

Improvements have been made to the flushing mechanism over the years, meaning you won’t have to flush two or even three times to get the job done. You can select single flush or dual flush options. You’ll also find today’s toilets are sleek, more modern looking than ever before. You might be surprised at how the looks have changed with some models. 

How do I choose a toilet?

When you buy a toilet, looks is only one small aspect of the decision. Ultimately, it’s about functionality. So it’s important to understand how they work. 

When you flush a standard toilet, the handle pulls a chain, which raises a flush valve. The flush valve opens and releases water from the tank into the bowl. How much water depends on the toilet installed. This triggers a siphon that sucks the contents of the bowl down and out of your home, into the sewer system or septic tank. It’s not the tank that triggers the process, it’s the bowl that triggers action. 

Most toilets in America are gravity-assisted toilets. When water enters the bowl, it triggers the flushing process. If you’ve ever poured a bucket of water into the toilet and watched the contents go down, you know how this gravity assistance takes place. If any water enters the bowl, this mechanism kicks into action to prevent flooding. They work well in bathrooms with minimal use. Of course, they aren’t the only options. 

Pressure-assisted toilets take an active role in the process. They work similar to gravity-assisted toilets, but add more force than traditional units. Vacuum-assisted toilets use a vacuum that draws the water into the bowl with more force using the rim holes in the upper toilet bowl. They’re quieter than other mechanisms, making them perfect for bathrooms near bedrooms. Power-assisted toilets use a motor in the tank to increase the power behind the flush. These pumps are ideal if you have an older bathroom, or a very busy household that may need the extra power. 

Which is better, 1 or 2 piece toilet?

After you select the right action for your household, then you can focus on looks. For ease of installation, you should always check to see what your measurements are in the space you are replacing the toilet, as rough-in measurements can be different from bathroom to bathroom. 

One piece models are designed with the tank and the bowl all connected in one convenient fixture. This makes them more compact, easier to clean, and ideal for bathrooms where space is limited. However, they aren’t the norm, which means the cost will be higher than their two-piece counterparts. 

Two-piece models have a more traditional design. But with a little searching, you can find anything but boring. Today’s models can help you add a little flair to your bathroom decor, while giving you functionality at the same time. 

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