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How To Make Your Cold House Warmer

When the temperatures begin to fall outside, does your house always feel a little chilly on the inside? Would you love to keep your home at a higher temperature during the cold winter months, but are afraid of the consequences? 

Considering up to 70 percent of your energy bill is consumed by heating costs, especially during the coldest months, there’s a good reason for concern. But there are simple steps you can take to make your home more efficient and warmer. 

Use window coveringsHow To Make Your Cold House Warmer

Do you keep your blinds and curtains closed all day long? Open them up when the sun is shining. It’s one of the easiest ways to heat your home – and it’s free! If you have shades or blinds, pull them up and away to let the sun beat into your rooms during the day. Then be sure to pull and secure them back into place as it grows dark and the temperatures begin to drop. You may even wish to upgrade to better window coverings that help insulate against the cold a bit more. 

Change the timer on your programmable thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat can be a lifesaver and help you save money over time. But when did you last change out the times? Times change thanks to daylight savings and the changing seasons. You should also adjust it based on your needs. Did your child move from elementary to middle school? Do you have new routines? If your thermostat isn’t programmed correctly, there’s more of a chance your family is playing the “up/down” game and wreaking havoc on your energy bills. 


Homes even just a few years old can quickly develop leaks and drafts from top to bottom. Is your attic and crawl space still adequately insulated? Is your water heater properly protected? Do you have outside walls that could use a boost in insulation? The best way to find out is to have an energy audit performed throughout your home. This can tell you which areas to correct first for the largest impact on your utility bills and your overall comfort. 

Fix drafts

Have you ever walked by a door and felt cool air even when it’s closed? Or had to check a window twice to make sure it’s closed because of the draft? If cold air is getting in, warm air is leaking out. Fix broken window frames. Add weather stripping. Replace the window if it’s in bad shape. All of this will help you keep your conditioned air where it’s supposed to be. 

Regular maintenance 

When was the last time you had your heating equipment checked and maintained? Regular maintenance ensures everything is in good working condition, and helps you keep your equipment operating for as long as possible. It can add longevity to your equipment. 

Your home changes a little every day. Through a little maintenance, you can keep it as warm as possible, no matter how chilly it gets outdoors. 

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