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How To Plan For Long Term Efficiency For Your Commercial Property

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up someplace else.” ~Yogi Berra

Those words are especially true when it comes to long term efficiency for your commercial property. If you react to problems as they occur, you’ll be spending more than your budgeted amount in most cases. Improving performance takes How To Plan For Long Term Efficiency For Your Commercial Propertythought and planning. But where does it begin? It takes:

  • Knowing how well programs and projects have worked in the past
  • What technology is available today to give you the best return on investment
  • How to make changes to stay current and achieve load and energy reductions into the future

It’s a consistent balance between knowing where you’re coming from, and how you can make changes today to operate at your best now and into the future.

Begin by analyzing past projects and how they impacted your energy efficiency.

  • What projects did you complete?
  • What products or systems did you install?
  • Who performed the project?
  • What savings did it offer? Did you meet your goals?

With just a few years data you should start to see patterns and determine measurable impact on everything installed. Did it create a visible reduction on your utility bill, or the amount of time and money spent on repair bills?

With data in place, it’s time to project what new projects could do for your efficiency. This is often a battle between project managers and building owners. But the more “what if” questions you ask and have answers for, the better you can present your case.

  • What if I install a new piece of equipment today? What will the energy performance be over the next five years? How much does it save? How else will it impact my results?
  • How will technology continue to involve? Is this the best time to upgrade, or should I wait for the next generation to evolve? A lot of this depends on where you’re coming from, what’s already in place, and how long you’re willing to wait for what’s next.
  • What are the negative impacts if I wait? How will I pay for that decision today and in the future?
  • In what other ways will my decision impact operations? How will it impact employees/tenants? Smaller projects can often be performed with little inconvenience, compared to larger breakdowns that can impact productivity greatly.

Want help in asking questions like these, and coming up with answers that suit your needs? We can help. Give us a call today.

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