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How To Protect Your Home From Dry Air

Is your home to dry? If indoor air is too dry, it can bring on a host of problems, including itchy skin conditions, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, colds, and an increase in respiratory conditions including allergies, asthma, and bronchitis.

What causes indoor air supply to be too dry? A low relative humidity level. It’s not just you who suffers; your home and belongings can suffer too. If a home isn’t at proper humidity levels, it can cause walls and ceilings to crack, wood floors to separate and warp, musical instruments can go out of tune, and electronic equipment can be exposed to the impact of static electricity.How To Protect Your Home From Dry Air

What’s the solution?

The best way to protect a home from dry conditions is to pay attention to the relative humidity of the air. This process can be accomplished by something as simple as plugging in a portable humidifier. Of course, this is a temporary solution. The best way for permanent results is with a whole-house humidifier attached to your home’s heating system.

By installing a whole-house humidifier, you can alleviate the harmful effects dry air can have if it settles in. It improves the condition of your home, your furnishings, and your family’s health.

A whole-house humidifier works together with your existing heating and cooling system to increase the humidity in the air. The humidifier brings water into the duct system through a distribution system, which helps adjust humidity levels and prevents things like biological growth to infiltrate your air supply. You can monitor and control the humidity levels using your thermostat.

In addition to improving your living conditions, it can also help you save energy and money. According to the EPA, you can save as much as 10 percent a year on heating and cooling costs simply by adjusting the temperature 7 to 10 degrees from the normal setting. With more controlled humidity levels, you’ll feel more comfortable, allowing you to adjust your thermostat, saving money too.

Adding a whole-house humidifier is a fairly simple process. If you’re ready to protect your home from dry air, be more comfortable day and night, and save money too, talk with one of our representatives about installing a whole-house humidifier today.

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