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How To Spruce Up The Outside With Lighting For Summertime Fun

At last, the weather in Atlanta is warming up. Plants are springing into life. The sun is taking longer to dip into the horizon. All of that signals the desire to spend more time outside.

Is the outside of your home ready for summertime fun? Do you have lighting in place to help you enjoy the outside no matter what hour of the day?How To Spruce Up The Outside With Lighting For Summertime Fun

Now is the time to bring some of what you love about the inside of your home to your outside world. And lighting is one of the most important parts of the process.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights twinkle and add a little magic to your space. Why not install them in your gardens to create a soft, warm glow? Wrap them around trees or drape them along fences for ambiance. String them across open spaces to create a cozy cafe atmosphere.


Who can resist the ambiance created by festoon lanterns guiding your path? One search through your home improvement store will show you their popularity. They come in all sizes and shapes, and are a great decorative feature that will brighten your space.

Use Lighting To Enhance 

Look around your outdoor living space. What’s the best feature? Is it the large tree that stands off in the background? Or maybe the brick fireplace you had custom built? There are many ways to tie the area together with well placed lighting features. You can light it from above, or carefully place them in the ground to enhance a path around.

Highlight Borders

Gardens often have a variety of borders singling out areas in your landscape. Stones in your patio are placed next to grass. Wood or plastic fencing encircles your trees or bedding. With different types of lighting, you can create different pathways for your eyes to follow. How about LED strips to create a guide? Don’t forget all lights must be intended for outdoor use.

Creating Layers

Lighting is never about one directional source. A simple light off your patio door isn’t enough to create an effective mood. Instead, look for many different ways to incorporate light into your landscaping. Have questions? We can help.

A well-planned outdoor space will not only add more living space to your home, but it’ll also make you want to use it more every day.

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