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How Your HVAC System Controls Your Sleep Patterns

How well did you sleep last night? According to the CDC, 35 percent of adults didn’t get a full night’s rest. In 1942, the average adult had 7.9 hours per night. By 2013, that number dropped to 6.8 hours. A 13 percent decrease in just a few decades.

Of course, there’s a lot of reasons for that. We’re too busy as a nation. We have too much on our minds. But there’s also something you may not have considered: it might be your HVAC system.

How Your HVAC System Controls Your Sleep PatternsStudies are now proving that cold is better than warm for sleep. If you’ve ever tried to sleep in the heat of summer without an air conditioner, you know this is true. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the best temperatures for sleep range between 60 and 67 degrees.

How your HVAC system plays a role

With this new knowledge, it might seem to be an easy problem to solve. Simply tap your thermostat down a bit to make it cooler at night. But it isn’t that easy.

Do you have a programmable thermostat that can turn your HVAC system down for you? How many times have you forgotten in the past? Homeowners do it all the time, and wake up a couple of hours later, too warm, and not able to fall back asleep.

Even programming your HVAC system isn’t as simple as setting a temperature. Let’s talk about your house. Do you have a main floor master bedroom? Are the kids upstairs? Is the nursery the coldest (or warmest) room in your home? Sometimes a traditional HVAC system can’t handle what your home needs. Instead, a zoning system can allow you to set the desired temperature in different parts of your home.

It’s not just the temperature

It might not be the temperature that’s keeping you up at night. It might be the noise. Where is your HVAC system located? Can you hear it clunk and groan every time it turns on? Does it whistle as the air flows through the vents?

A maintenance visit may be in order. Not only will one of our technicians evaluate how well your HVAC system is working, but they can also make suggestions for increasing technology to make your unit quieter.

They can also evaluate humidity levels and ensure your equipment is sized right for your living space. Did you know oversized equipment can cycle too quickly, meaning they never effectively control humidity levels inside your home? Undersized equipment is just as bad, often running too long, just trying to keep your space at the desired temperature.

Is your HVAC system working the way it should? If you haven’t been sleeping well, maybe it’s time to let one of our technicians inspect your HVAC system.

Isn’t it time to get a good night’s sleep?

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