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How The HVAC Industry Is Becoming More Efficient

How The HVAC Industry Is Becoming More Efficient

Like every industry, the HVAC industry is undergoing significant changes. Technology is lending a hand by giving us more advanced systems to heat and cool our homes with. And government regulations are demanding that equipment as a whole becomes more efficient and eco-friendly over time.

Smart Technology – Many of the new changes are in the way we control and monitor the temperatures of our homes. With smart technology, you can use features that allow you to adjust the temperature with a click – no more “forgetting” to adjust the temperatures when nobody is home. It also allows you to better monitor your system, seeing problems as they arise, giving you access to make corrections before they magnify.

AI – Artificial intelligence may seem like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, but AI is becoming a reality. You’ll find it in things like a learning thermostat, one that learns the temperature you like and automatically adjusts the room’s settings based on your patterns. It can warm up the bathroom on cold winter mornings a few minutes before you get out of bed, or cool off the house before you arrive after work.

Self-Diagnosis – New HVAC equipment has the ability to both self-diagnose problems, and even repair themselves in much the same way as a computer does. It can allow HVAC technicians to follow up on reports easier, and make necessary adjustments and changes without spending a lot of time investigating the problem.

Variable Refrigerant Flow – Energy loss often occurs from cooling or warming an entire home, when only a portion of it needs the HVAC to turn on. With variable flow, users can choose specific heating and cooling patterns, depending on where you need it most. It’s a great alternative when a home has shade on one side, with the sun beating on the other.

Cleaner, More Eco-Friendly Products – To remove harmful chemicals such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons from use, the EPA has ordered a phasedown of R-22 refrigerant that will bring production down to less than 4 million pounds by 2019, with no more new or imported R-22 allowed in the US after January 1, 2020. This means all new refrigerant used within HVAC equipment here in the next few years.

Whether you have a question about how to comply with current regulation, or simply want to be proactive in your energy efficiency use throughout your home, we have ideas and products that can benefit you today, and over time.

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