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The Impact Of Outdated Lighting On Your Facility

The Impact Of Outdated Lighting On Your Facility

Imagine, for just a moment, a customer stepping into your facility. What does she see?

Is she greeted with a dark, dingy atmosphere where she’s a little nervous about the surroundings?

Or is she welcomed by an inviting, clean area that tempts her to want to do business with you?

Sure, that may start from the ground up – the flooring you choose, the décor you select. But lighting also plays a significant role in the appearance of your facility.

Lighting matters more than you think. Outdated lighting can:

  • Weaken your reputation
  • Cause a loss in sales
  • Reduce the chance of repeat business
  • Decrease employee productivity
  • Increase discomfort levels for both employees and customers

Yes, by changing your lighting, you can add new life to the business you have. Updated lighting can:

  • Increase traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Increase profits
  • Make happier customers
  • Make happier employees

Let’s look at an example, a gas station, on a corner, late at night.

From the road, a customer makes a determination whether to turn in or not. Outdated lighting can cause shadows and dark spaces throughout the property. The inside can be anything but inviting.

But once lighting is updated, it can feather the light to all corners of the property. It can lighten even the darkest corners and give the welcome sign to passersby.

It can also aid an employee alone for the evening. When the inside is light and bright, customers can’t hide in the corners and blend into the merchandise. They feel less at risk.

An update in lighting can save you money in many ways. From the energy savings by using newer technology, to reducing the risk of loss customers and theft risk, new, updated lighting is the perfect way to enhance your property this year.

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