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The Most Important Things To Include In Your Atlanta HVAC Maintenance Contract

As a building owner or property manager, there are many things you face on a daily basis. And while some things are unpredictable, you deal with them as they happen, there are issues where a little bit of preventative maintenance can help you avoid disaster.

An HVAC failure can result in a significant backlash from the building occupants. They don’t care what caused the problem; they just want a comfortable environment to work in. And the more they live outside of that comfort window, the more your reputation and bottom line is at stake.

In many cases, all of that can be avoided by having an HVAC maintenance contract in place. An HVAC maintenance contract ensures that a technician is staying on top of your equipment’s most critical components, helping you avoid costly repairs and shutdowns that are predictable and preventable to someone watching your equipment on a regular basis.

Major components of your heating and cooling system should be examined on a regular basis. The cooling tower should be free of slime or algae, and should have proper levels of fluids and be free of leaks and debris. Boilers should be producing adequate levels of combustion air. And if there is any evidence of biological growth, treatment should be handled immediately.

The air handling unit should regularly be inspected. The area around it should be free of any source of contaminants that can flow into the interior of the building. Also ensure the fan blade, and motor are all in good working condition.

The HVAC distribution system should allow airflow to run throughout the building in an unobstructed manner, including the supply air to the return air system. All drain pans should be checked to ensure there are no leaks or indication of biological growth. Air filters must be changed on a regular schedule.

Outdoor units are susceptible to many things, including harsh weather conditions, dirt, grime, tree limbs, leaves, bird feathers, and more. The space around the HVAC unit should never be crowded or have dirt and debris accumulate around the equipment. You should check these outdoor components more frequently than other parts of the system. In the event of a heavy storm or winds, make sure debris hasn’t damaged the outdoor units.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements in Atlanta

This checklist should help you ask more relevant questions the next time your service provider visits. Don’t have a regular maintenance contract in place? Find out more about what we have to offer today.

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