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How To Improve Your Office Lighting in Atlanta

In the summer, light lingers long into the evening hours. We take it for granted, letting natural light spill all around us.

But then those dark winter months come along, and the lack of light can be depressing. That’s where artificial light comes into play. Good lighting creates functional, pleasant working conditions. Satisfaction and efficiency improve as you ensure a well-lit office space.How To Improve Office Lighting

The Flow Of Light

A comprehensive research study by the Light Right Consortium showed that while only 70 percent of interviewees felt working at workstations with purely downward lighting was comfortable, the number jumped quickly to 91 percent simply by using a combination of direct/indirect lighting to work surfaces.

The human body is attracted to light. Both daylight and artificial light play a role in our health and well-being. If you have a higher standard of interior design, you can raise productivity accordingly. And if you give individuals controllable access to lighting both in the room and at their desks, people feel more motivated and produce more accuracy in everything they do.

Light For People

Lighting is often thrown into commercial properties almost as an afterthought. Fluorescent or recessed lighting is put in merely as a way to light up a room with little consideration for tasks to be accomplished within the room. By moving away from thinking about lighting for tasks, and instead lighting for people, you can create a work environment that is more enjoyable for everyone.

We spend most of our days indoors. If lighting is too low, we can feel sleepy, sometimes unhealthy. If there is lack of light at certain times of the day, it can impact our circadian rhythm – body clock – which impacts everything from mood to emotions. Every building and space we create communicates an identity. We spend countless hours worrying about branding and corporate value. Good lighting should be a part of this process.

Light Against Depression

We take in the vast majority of information through our eyes. But it’s not just light that allows us to see, light is also important as a regulator for our bodies. If we don’t take in the proper amount of light we need, especially during winter months where the days are darker, we may end up with something called SAD – seasonal affective disorder. It’s a type of depression linked to a lack of light. While there are studies that show supplementing with cannabidiol is useful in reducing this depression, why not avoid the problem altogether in the first place?

Even in the workplace setting, light therapy makes people feel more awake, more energized. That means getting the right amount of light throughout the day, and also a higher quality of light. If artificial light corresponds to the color temperature of daylight, it plays into our levels of happiness and productivity overall.

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